Omicron, the new variant of Corona in India, is now intimidating. Corona cases are increasing rapidly, including cases with the new variant Omicron. All the variants of Corona that have come so far, their behavior and symptoms have been different. Talking about Omicron, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Analysis, its four most common symptoms are cough, fatigue, phlegm and runny nose. Although AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) has listed five symptoms of Omicron.

5 symptoms of Omicron (5 warning signs of Omicron) 
1- Difficulty in breathing
2- Decrease in oxygen saturation 
3- Persistent pain/pressure feeling in chest
4- Mental confusion or or unable to respond
5- If symptoms 3-4 last more than a day or get worse

Health experts say that even if there is a sudden change in the color of the skin, lips or nails, there is a need to be alert.

When to Test

According to experts, if anyone comes in contact with the virus, then he should get tested immediately after 5 days of exposure or as soon as any symptoms appear. If anyone sees symptoms, then he should be immediately quarantined, until the negative report comes. 

According to Dr. Ngozi Ezik, director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, the time between becoming infected and showing symptoms can change, but those who get tested early, they get a negative report within a few days. Even then the test should be done. 

If symptoms are showing and then you have got the test done immediately and that test has come negative, then do not think that you are negative. There are also some such symptoms of Covid such as sore throat, headache, mild fever, body ache. If you see some of these symptoms after the report comes negative, then get the Kovid test done again after a few days.

When to Quarantine and Isolate

Those who feel that they have come in contact with someone who is Covid positive and has not been vaccinated, then they should quarantine themselves immediately. After this it should be seen whether the symptoms are visible or not. If symptoms are not visible, then on the advice of experts, you can come out of quarantine. At the same time, people whose reports come positive, even if they have been vaccinated, should be isolated immediately.