Thickening your hair can be really annoying, so you want to get it fast again. Hair loss is very common and you have many options to re-grow your hair. You may be able to grow your hair naturally again by changing your diet and taking care of your hair using natural remedies. However, see your doctor to find out what is causing your hair loss. It is your hair loss that is bothering you and to treat an underlying medical condition.

Causes that affect hair growth.

Hair loss is a rapidly growing problem all over the world. There are many factors that contribute to thinning hair, some of them include.

Age, health , diet, hormones,  season change, stress and anxiety.

All these factors can cause hair loss and eventually lead to baldness. Insufficient comfort, hormone  changes and nutritional deficiencies can hamper the growth of healthy hair. These factors can also affect hair development as they reduce the blood and oxygen supply to your scalp.

Hair loss reflects its expression in various forms. In some cases it may be a gradual process while in other cases it may be sudden. Also some forms of hair loss may be permanent while others may be temporary.

Natural treatments that can help relieve baldness.

  1. Massage your scalp daily to improve your circulation.

Scalp massage promotes good circulation around the follicle of your hair thus creating the right environment for hair growth. Use the tips of your fingers to gently massage your scalp in a circular motion. Take your time and massage every part of your scalp so that you encourage blood flow to all areas where you want your hair to grow.

  • Make it a habit to massage every time you wash your hair in the shower.
  • For  scalp massage, brush your hair daily with a soft loop Bru bristle brush. This is especially effective if you have long hair. 
  • Massaging a professional head can be educational as you will learn the best way to massage your scalp.
  • Try an oil massage to promote hair growth.

Adding oil to the circulation equation more than a standard head massage. Oil helps hair follicle inadvertently and does not allow growth. Plan to use oil to massage your scalp once or twice a week. This is the easiest to do in the shower, then rinse after the oil runs out. These are some of the popular oils that you can try.

Organ Oil: Extracted by hand from the argon tree, this heart contains a lot of vitamin minerals, anti-oxidants and fatty acids, which are great for providing moisture and shine to hair growth.

Jojoba oil : It is similar to the texture of sebum, the natural oil produced by your scalp which gives smoothness to your hair and keeps it healthy.

Almond oil : It is traditionally used to enhance healthy hair growth in India.

  • Use a therapeutic hair mask to make your hair moisturize and stronger.

A clean hair mask does a dual job of keeping your hair moisturized and healthy and also increases growth. Household items like honey egg whitening avocado halo and apple cider vinegar are also very beneficial for all hair. Apply a mask for 15 minutes as well as make sure to cover your scalp then shampoo your hair normally. Make sure you do not use a shampoo with added sulphate.

Try the following masks

  • For equal dry hair, mix equal parts honey egg whites and organ oil.
  • For normal hair mix equal parts honey aloe and olive oil.
  • For oily hair, mix equal parts honey apple cider vinegar and castor oil.
  • Use essential oils in conjunction with the product of hairs.

Essential oils have been said to promote healthy circulation and encourage hair growth. Adding a few drops of these oils to your oil treatment mask and shampoo is a good way to give your scalp an extra boost. Try adding five drops of one of these beneficial three.


Tea Tree Oil

Cedar Wood

Gul Mehndi Oil

Organ Oil

Coconut Oil.

The following home remedies that can encourage Regrowing of hair.

Eating More Protein

The body needs protein to grow new hair, it can cause hair loss due to lack of protein.

Examples of healthy dietary protein sources include.

Bean, Eggs, Fish, Nuts

A person’s daily protein needs vary depending on how physically active they are and the amount of muscle they have.

 Increase iron intake

Iron is another nutrient that is required to grow healthy hair of the body. Some dietary iron sources include.

Masur lentils, Musk,  Pumpkin Seed,  Spinach, White Bean, Lean beef.

Some manufacturers also strengthen their food substances with iron which means they have added iron to them. Those who do not eat meat have 1.8 times higher iron requirements. Those who do not eat meat is because the body does not absorb iron havoc effectively.

Trying Aroma therapy.

Aroma therapy helps to stimulate hair growth, according to the authors of the 2011 study paper. Examples of herbs that can be used by aroma therapy practitioners to promote hair growth include.

Cedar , Lavender , Rose Mary , Thyme Basil.

When using essential oils on the scalp, add only a few drops to many oils such as coconut oil, walnut oil. Researchers also point out that affecting the smell of these oils can affect hair growth.

More research is necessary to determine if essential oil is an effective solution for hair growth. Some people may experience chemical allergic reactions while using essential oils. Therefore it is best to try a small test patch 24 hours before applying the mixture on the entire head.

Using Pumpkin seeds oil

In 2014, the authors of a study looked at whether pumpkin seed oil could help with hair growth?

They found that people taking 400 milligrams of pumpkin seed oil for 6 months experienced an increase in 40 percent in the average hair number, whereas those who spoke the place experienced only an increase of 10 percent.

Males had a history of androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Bay was currently not taking other supplements for hair loss and was between 20 and 65 years old.